5 Signs the No Contact Rule Is Working

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How can you know the 5 Signs the No Contact Rule Is Working? Dealing with a breakup can be like riding a rollercoaster of emotions.

One day, you might feel pretty confident that things are going well and that there’s still a chance to get back together with your ex. You believe that if you just keep doing what you’re doing, everything will be fine.

But then, your ex says or posts something hurtful that makes you feel awful. It’s as if all hope is lost, and you’re left feeling down.

Or maybe you’ve been following the “no contact rule” for a long time, and you’re wondering if your ex even misses you. You might be asking yourself why they haven’t reached out to you yet.

There are many misunderstandings and false beliefs when it comes to using the “no contact rule” to make your ex want you back.

I understand that many of you hope that by applying this rule, your ex will realize what they’re about to lose and change their mind. You may even expect an apology or for them to reconsider the breakup.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Just cutting off contact with your ex is not enough to make them change their mind. However, it can send a strong message to them, and they might respond accordingly.

In this article, I want to help you adjust your expectations so that you’re not simply waiting for something that will never happen.

I’ll also help you recognize when an opportunity arises and when you can take action to win your ex’s heart back.

5 Signs the No Contact Rule Is Working and What to Do

The main message I want to tell you is that things won’t go exactly as you hope.

Your ex won’t suddenly show up at your door, begging you to take them back just because you haven’t contacted them for a while.

However, they might start sending you subtle messages to show that they’re ready for you to take the next step.

It’s important not to ignore those signs and keep waiting indefinitely for something that won’t happen.

Here are 5 Signs the No Contact Rule Is Working.

1. Your Ex Reaches Out to You

One of the clearest signs that the no contact rule is working is when your ex tries to talk to you again.

It doesn’t matter if they find a reason to contact you that seems practical, they might just start a casual conversation or ask to pick up their belongings.

(I understand it might sound strange, but I’ve had several clients who had similar experiences where their exes came to get their things but ended up having deep conversations or even spending the night.)

When they reach out, it means they’re ready to reconnect with you.

From that point on, they will be testing you to see if you’ve changed and if you still care about them.

That’s why you should end the no contact rule right away and focus on earning back their trust.

2. Your Ex Is Reacting to Your Social Media Posts

One way to tell if the no contact rule is working is if your ex keeps responding to your social media posts. They’re doing this on purpose, as a way to indirectly communicate with you. If this has been going on for a while, it means your ex might be too shy or uncertain to do more. This could be their only way of showing that they’re waiting for you to take the next step.

3. Your Ex Is Trying to Get Your Attention

Another way to know that the “no contact rule” is working is when your ex posts something on social media to get your attention.

To other people, it might seem like a regular post.

But you will sense that it’s directed at you.

It could be about something you both liked or an activity you did together. They might also share a sad quote or a love song.

When this happens, it’s not your imagination. Your ex knows you will see their post!

What’s more, they want to get a reaction from you!

Maybe they’re still hurting from the breakup, or they hope you will understand the hidden message in their post.

Either way, when this occurs, it means the “no contact rule” has worked, and it’s time for you to take the next step by reaching out to them first.

This is the 3rd signs of 5 Signs the No Contact Rule Is Working.

4. Your Ex Is Trying to Make You Jealous

Here’s a simplified version of the paragraph:

Another way to know that the no contact approach is working is when your ex puts up something online that makes you feel jealous. It could be a picture of them having a good time, hanging out with friends, or even something more attention-grabbing. But don’t be fooled, it doesn’t mean they’re genuinely happy and have moved on from you. They actually want you to see it. They might have even posted those things just to get back at you for not contacting them for a long time. Your ex might be pretending to be over you, all in the hope that you’ll give in and finally reach out to them first.

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5. Your Ex Wants to Be Friends

Finally, another common sign that the no contact rule is working is when your ex contacts you to say they want to be “just friends” now. Our coaching clients often worry about being put in the friend zone by their exes, but there’s actually no need to be afraid of that happening. The attraction between people never truly disappears. If you go along with it and give it some time, they will eventually desire more from you.

What to Do if No Contact Is Not Working

So here are the 5 Signs the No Contact Rule Is Working, The rule of not contacting each other doesn’t work when both people are waiting for the other to take the next step. That’s why it’s not always the best approach. In fact, for some couples, it can make things worse instead of better. This is especially true when you’re in a relationship with someone who avoids getting too close emotionally. Sadly, if your ex is defensive or stubborn, they won’t change their attitude unless you reach out to them first.

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