How to Get over a Breakup when You Still Love Each Other

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A breakup is always a difficult experience for both people. If you are one of those people who are still in love with your ex-partner and cannot stop thinking about them. You always thinking about your past and still feeling love for them and you can’t do anything in this situation and it’s hard to forget.

You two got along well and always had a good time together. Maybe you were casually dating, or maybe you were in a serious relationship and lived together.

Now, you have tears streaming down your cheeks right now. It feels like the end of the world, and you’re depressed. Lonely.

I’m sure everyone has had a bad breakup in the past, and they know the pain that it brings. But sometimes, it can be hard to get over your ex. The first few weeks are always difficult. However, you have to remember that when this relationship ended, it wasn’t because of something wrong on your part — instead, it was because of a mismatch between two individuals who just didn’t belong together. So, here’s some advice on how to get over a breakup when you still love each other…

Give Each Other Space for a while

The first thing you have to do in the traumatic process of losing a relationship, it is important to take time out from each other to give your relationship space and to not be in constant contact all the time because both of you need time to heal.

Yes, this sounds like Yoda-speak, but it’s true. It may feel strange and unfair at first, but give your ex enough time away from each other and you’ll start to realize that life without them isn’t all that bad after all. You’ll recover from the breakup quicker if you do this.

Some of these points you have to remember

  • Try not to go those places where you both usually went
  • If you want to unfriend or unfollow each other on social media, it is also a better idea.
  • If you are not sure that you really want breakup, take some time to sort out your feelings and think what you want. In the war of mind and heart always listen to your heart.

Deal with your emotions

It is ok to cry don’t worry when someone goes out of your life and you want them anyhow. Now you have to accept the situation because things have been changed now and try to make yourself strong. Accepting the emotions is the also good step to dealing with them.

If you want to cry and feel miserable then it’s fine no problem if you try to ignore them then they only become worse and in long term, they can have much more serious.

Accepting and dealing with your emotions is not a sign of weakness. In fact, I’m not sure about you, but I see it as a tremendous strength.

Accepting your negative emotions shows that you are strong enough to deal with them.

Keep Your Self Busy

Do the things that make you happy, after breakup you will find extra time for do the things. But don’t just sit around thinking about your ex! Now is the time to do something you truly enjoy. Watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see, read a good book, try something new, go shopping and wear dress that looks good on you, go out of town, take a new class—the sky’s the limit, so get out there and have fun!

Keep yourself busy in work and don’t give time to be sad. When you feel free spend some time with your family and friends. You can make new friends and if you want to date even If you don’t want to be in a serious relationship.

Find the Lessons in the Breakup

Learn lesson from the relationship means think about you and your relationship and find out where the mistake was. Think about your partner is they have made mistake anywhere, now the time for move on from the relationship and you have to move forward in your life. Once you understand what things goes wrong, think about how you can do better in different way if you go back and want to start over.

These powerful lessons will help you for heal and move on in your life

  • Try to put yourself on your partner’s place, what do they want from you.
  • You could use that lesson to help you find a more compatible spouse in your next relationship if the concerns are ones you can’t agree on, such as one of you wanting children while the other doesn’t, or one of you believing money and status are essential while the other values family time.
  • Do the things that make you great and develop your personality. Try to read books and articles on Personal growth for move on and heal. You can gain understanding of what you can learn from the relationship by considering all of these factors.

Look for the good in being single

Now they are not with you and you are alone at all, now you can do whatever do you want. Enjoy your freedom that comes from being unattached. Now make a list that you could not do when you were in relationship, now you are single you can do whatever do you want.

  • Watch fantastic movies
  • Eat whatever you want
  • Sleep and wake up on your self-schedule
  • Go freely where you want
  • Meet new people anytime

Avoid these mistakes

There are certain basic mistakes most people make when it comes to moving on after a split. And this article should have a section on these mistakes. Among the errors I’ve observed are:

  • Making comparisons with others,
  • Trying to establish a point with your ex or your common friends,
  • stalking on social media of your ex.

Most significantly, it’s a symptom of insecurity to compare yourself to your ex. It implies that you require outside approval in order to feel good.

External validation isn’t necessary for genuine confidence. Knowing that no one is superior to you is important. Everyone has both strengths and weaknesses.

Never attempt to prove anything. You are not required. Just be mindful of yourself. You only need to have faith in yourself.

Another typical error that far too many individuals commit is stalking their ex on social media. To check on your ex’s progress, it’s simple to enter Instagram and look for their profile.

What if she starts dating someone new? Is she living a wonderful life?

These were some points you have to remember and don’t try to do them because doing them you will get only frustration.

Identify What makes you great.

Whenever self-doubt appears after a breakup, ignore it. When a relationship ends, it’s natural to dwell on your shortcomings, but try to ignore that voice of criticism. Your ex does love you, after all, but the two of you just weren’t meant to be. Instead, develop the practice of substituting positive ideas about yourself with negative ones. Remind yourself that you deserve to be treated a certain way, and that perhaps your ex wasn’t the appropriate partner for you after all if they couldn’t give it to you.

Build a Pleasant life

The inner game was the focus of the previous paragraph. It’s time to start working on the outside game now. You need to adopt a healthy lifestyle if you want to lead a happy life. Fortunately, if you are ready to try, this is entirely doable.

  • Keeping a good outlook and caring for your mental wellbeing,
  • Having interests, you actually love,
  • Spending time with your loved ones, friends, and other admirable individuals,
  • Having a passion project or career,
  • Pursuing a life goal, you enjoy.

Learn How to be friends again

If you think you two may be casual friends, get in touch. If you still genuinely love this person, it might be worth trying to save a friendship, even if it takes months of not seeing each other before you feel strong enough. Ask them directly if they are alright with the concept once you feel strong enough to do so. With enough time, you might be able to occasionally text or interact with people without it seeming awkward.

Look for back in relationship if things have changed

Be certain that you understand what will be different this time. Even if you both cling to your emotions for a while, your relationship won’t last unless you can mend what went wrong the first time. [18]

For example, if you split up because one of you desired children and the other did not, you should only get back together if one of you has completely changed your mind.

If you split up because your ex wasn’t ready to commit, they’ll need to prove to you that they’re now ready for a serious relationship.

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