Love And Trust: The Two Pillar of Healthy Relationships

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Love and trust

Love and trust are considered the most important elements in any relationship. These two emotions are what keep our relationships alive and make them successful. Even if you believe it’s impossible to build trust with someone, it is possible if you want it badly enough.

Love and trust are an Odd Blend of Emotions

Love and Trust are both very powerful, and yet they seem to be opposites. Trusting someone can be a scary thing, but the feeling of being trusted is a beautiful one. Love and trust are not always easy to find in our world today, but they are a part of every relationship we have.

It’s easy to see that trust is something that we need in order to have healthy relationships with other people. We can’t trust them if they are always trying to take advantage of us or betray us in some way. The same goes for love: if someone doesn’t care about us, there’s no point in loving them back because it will never be reciprocated.

Love is defined as “a strong affection for another arising from kinship or personal ties.” Trust however is defined as “the belief that what is promised will be kept; confidence in someone’s reliability.” These two ideas seem like polar opposites on the surface but as you look deeper into each concept, you’ll see how closely connected they really are.

Love and trust aren’t always easy either because sometimes people get hurt or betrayed by those close to them which makes it hard for them to trust again.

Trust is a Fundamental Component of Love. Without it, Love Cannot Flourish

Love is an act of the will. It is not a feeling. It is a choice. When you love someone, you are choosing to give them your attention and your energy, because you want to share yourself with them. You can’t do that if you don’t trust that they will be worthy of it.

Trust is the bridge between two people who desire to be together. If there is no trust, then there can be no relationship; or at least there won’t be one that lasts long-term, because either one or both parties will eventually become suspicious of the other and end up withdrawing from each other instead of staying close.

The more you trust another person, the more you will feel safe with that other person. You can be in the presence of someone who is not trustworthy and still has a good time. However, when you meet someone whom you can trust, even for just a few minutes, your whole world has changed. Once you’ve met someone who trusts you, it’s hard to imagine life without them in it.

Trust also allows us to accept responsibility for our actions and learn from our mistakes. It relieves stress and makes us feel secure. Trust enables us to give love freely without worrying about getting hurt in return.

The Simple rule of love & trust in any relationship

Well, here are some important rules

  • Trust your partner with your heart. They are the only one who knows what’s good for it.
  • Love your partner with all your heart, mind, and soul. A True love relationship is based on mutual respect and trust, not on physical attraction alone.
  • Never take advantage of a person’s trust by exploiting them or using them for personal gain. Never lie to someone you love because they deserve the truth!
  • Always be honest with yourself as well as others so that you can make good decisions and choices to become a better person day by day!

The Imperfection of Trust in Love

One of the essential things in life is to love someone, and you can only do that if you trust them. Trusting someone is one thing; trusting their judgment and wanting to share your life with them is another thing altogether.

Trust is a very delicate thing, and it takes time to build up. The foundation of trust is built on honesty, truthfulness, and integrity. If you are not being honest with your partner or friend, then there will be no foundation for trust to grow on. For there to be any relationship between two people, they must have mutual respect and be able to communicate effectively so that they can communicate what they need from each other without any misunderstandings or arguments coming up between them.

Love has a tendency to blind us from seeing how we treat others around us. If there is no trust in a relationship, then it will not work out between two people because they will always be fighting because their needs are not being met by the other person.

Trusting someone means that you believe in them enough to give them your faith and believe that you can handle whatever comes their way as long as they have your support behind them.

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