20 Signs a Man is Using a Woman for Money

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If you’re worried that a man might be using you for your money, you probably have a feeling that something is not right. You deserve to be loved for who you are and not just for your money. Even if he cares about you, if your money is the only thing that matters to him, it’s better to end the relationship after knowing signs a man is using a woman for money.

When you have feelings for someone who is not genuine, it can harm your well-being. Always remember that you should put yourself first, and you deserve to be loved for who you are. If you realize that the man you’re dating is using you for money, it’s important to be strong and end the relationship. It will hurt, but it’s better to do it now than to suffer more in the future. He won’t change, so don’t believe him if he promises to. Here are the warning signs you should look out for.

Signs A Man Is Using a woman For Money

If your partner only wants to be with you because you can pay for things, you should think if you really want to be with them. Sometimes, couples agree that one person will pay for everything, but if you haven’t agreed to this, your money should not be important in your relationship. If it is, then you are in a bad relationship.

It’s not difficult to tell when someone is using you for money. They won’t tell you directly, but they will always ask you to pay for things. It becomes a pattern, but if you pay attention, you can easily tell if a man is using you for money.

1. He never offers to pay

If a man always takes your money but won’t spend his own, he might be cheap or taking advantage of you and these are common signs a man is using a woman for money. Even if he invites you to an expensive restaurant, he won’t pay, and he won’t even want to split the bill with you.

May be he often forgets his wallet or never brings it up, it’s because he never planned to pay in the first place.

If a man is struggling financially but isn’t a gold digger, he wouldn’t be happy about you paying every time. If you were in a good relationship with a man who couldn’t afford to pay, he would talk to you and not pretend that he could pay when he couldn’t.

2. There’s always something he needs money for

If a man keeps asking you for money, and says he really needs it, he’ll promise to pay you back. He might tell you the money is for his sick pet, or he needs your help to start a business. He might say his car needs a rare part, or his bank is having problems. If he always has different stories about why he needs the money and insists they are all true, he might be lying and not even realize how suspicious his behavior is.

3. He’s very interested in your financial situation

If a man is more interested in your bank account than in you this, it’s a signs a man is using a woman for money. Even if you are in a close relationship, he shouldn’t be involved in your finances.

It would make sense to share your money situation if you were planning to get married and share your money with each other. But if a man has nothing to contribute or doesn’t intend to, it’s suspicious if he shows interest in your money.

When you end the toxic relationship and find a good guy, you will realize how inappropriate his behavior was.

4. He has no source of income

A man shows off new things he’s bought, but you don’t know how he got the money, and you’re not sure what he does for a living, that’s signs a man is using a woman for money. He avoids answering your questions or gets upset when you bring up the topic, he might not have a job or any income.

If he always seems to have money problems or gets fired from jobs frequently, that’s also suspicious. If he doesn’t have a source of income, it’s likely that he’s getting money from other people, possibly even from you.

5. He’s living beyond his means

If someone has expensive taste but doesn’t have a lot of money, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a gold digger. However, if they insist on having the best things even though they can’t afford them, it’s a red flag. For example, if a guy doesn’t have a job or income but always wears expensive clothes and has the latest gadgets, it’s suspicious.

He may be using credit cards and loans that he plans to pay back with money from you or someone else. To test this, try saying no if he asks you for money and see how he reacts.

6. He has a history of dating rich

To tell if someone is a gold digger, you can check if they always date wealthy people who can pay for their lifestyle. If he seems like a professional sugar baby, he might be trying to deceive you into being his latest sugar mama. It’s important to be honest about wanting this kind of relationship instead of tricking someone into it. While many people are happy to support their partners, it’s not okay to be dishonest about your intentions.

7. He gets angry if you mention his money issues

If you are always paying for everything and financing your partner’s lifestyle, it’s normal to become suspicious and wonder these are signs a man is using a woman for money. You might want to talk to him about his financial issues, but if he is not honest with you, he might become defensive or angry.

If he gets defensive, he is trying to distract you from the main issue and manipulate your emotions. If he genuinely cares about your relationship, he would have talked to you about his problems and not avoid the issue.

signs a man is using a woman for money

8. He doesn’t have any future goals

If a guy is not employed, it doesn’t mean that he is a gold digger. Anyone can be out of work for a while, and it’s okay to ask for help from family and friends until they find a new job. Most people in that situation try to find a job as soon as possible to become independent again. However, some guys are different. If he seems happy not working or can’t hold a job because he’s not interested, it’s a warning sign that he might be a leech. If he’s okay with depending on others and has no desire to support himself, be cautious.

9. He Encourages You to Splurge

Men who are after your money like to live luxuriously. They want expensive things they can’t afford, so they look for someone who can pay for it. Instead of asking you directly to buy it for him, he may encourage you to buy something for yourself, knowing that he will benefit from it too. He thinks this will work because you will include him.

If he often pressures you to spend a lot of money, he’s just trying to benefit from it, or at least get something out of it. Next time he suggests that you treat yourself, buy something only for yourself and see how he reacts. If he gets angry or upset, he clearly wanted it for himself.

10. He tells you to spend money

If he asks you to buy or do something that he can’t afford, one of common signs a man is using a woman for money. He might even ‘forget his wallet’ when it’s time to pay or expect you to take care of everything after he suggests it. This is just another way for him to get something from you. A gold digger doesn’t care about doing things with you, they only care about getting what they want. You’re just a convenient way for them to get what they want.

11. He has opinions on how you should spend your money

Toxic people might try to control you by telling you what to do with your own money. This guy is a leech who cares more about your money than you. He’s only concerned about your financial status and the availability of your money.

If you spend it on something he doesn’t care about, invest it, or give it to someone else, he’ll feel like he’s losing access to it. He wants to protect his interests.

12. He knows about you and your money

When a man is a gold digger, he only cares about using people to get what he wants. He doesn’t realize that not everyone thinks this way. He worries that your loved ones might get the money he believes belongs to him because that’s what he would do.

When another man shows up and shows interest in you, he might act jealous and anxious, not because he loves you, but because he’s afraid you might choose someone else and leave him with no money.

signs a man is using a woman for money

13. He gets upset if you forget your wallet or say no

If a guy gets upset because you don’t want to do something he asks, it’s not okay, its signs a man is using a woman for money. He might have suggested something expensive or extravagant that he had his heart set on. But don’t let him make you feel guilty for saying no.

He’s trying to emotionally manipulate you, which is not right. Remember that you’re not responsible for his feelings. It’s important to have boundaries, and if he tries to push them by making you feel bad, that’s not healthy behaviour and you should not put up with it.

14. There’s no emotional connection

To have a good and long-lasting relationship, it is important to have a connection with your partner on an emotional level. If your partner seems distant or uninterested in connecting with you emotionally, it might be a sign that they don’t really care about the relationship and signs a man is using a woman for money. On the other hand, be cautious if your partner is trying to make an emotional connection too fast and seems pushy about it. Listen to your instincts and make sure the connection feels genuine and not manipulative.

15. He doesn’t make an effort

If a guy doesn’t put effort into your relationship, it’s not a good match for you, even if he’s only interested in your money its signs a man is using a woman for money. You deserve someone who shows you love and appreciation through their actions. A relationship is a two-way street, and if he doesn’t put in effort, it will only lead to heartbreak. It’s even worse if he’s using you for money, and you’re not getting anything in return. You deserve love and affection, not just to be a wallet for him. It’s better for you to end the relationship as soon as possible.

16. He don’t want to tell you anything

In a good relationship, partners trust each other and don’t feel the need to keep tabs on each other all the time. But if someone is secretive or acts like their daily activities are not your concern, it’s not a good sign.

If they exclude you from their life unless they need your money, it shows they see you only as a sponsor for their lifestyle. If they believe they have a right to your money, but you have no right to know about their personal life, it’s not fair to you. Don’t let them take advantage of you.

17. He talks on phone behind you

If your partner is hiding his phone or social media from you, it could be a sign that he’s keeping something from you. He may be cheating on you, or he may not want you to know about his life. If he asks for money after the phone call, it’s a red flag and you should end the relationship.

It’s not something you should tolerate, and it shows that he’s only using you for your money. If he has a life that he doesn’t include you in, it’s better to leave him and find someone who will appreciate you.

18. He doesn’t want to meet your friends and family

If your partner is always finding excuses not to meet your friends, its signs a man is using a woman for money. This is especially concerning if you have been together for a while. A person who cares about you would want to be a part of your life, which includes your friends and family.

A gold digger doesn’t care about your relationship or your family. They’re only interested in the money or gifts you can give them. If they don’t even want to try to be a part of your life, it’s time to end the relationship and move on.

19. If you’re having money issues, there’s a problem

If your partner gets angry with you for running out of money, it means that money is all he’s interested in. He doesn’t care about your feelings, and he’s using you emotionally and financially. When you can’t afford to pay for his expenses, he sees you as useless.

If your financial situation doesn’t improve, he will find someone else to use. And if it does improve, he will suddenly become interested in you again. Don’t let this go too far and break up with him.

20. You Listen from Others That He is using you

If your best friend and family are urging you to break up with him and are saying he’s not a good person, it’s time to believe that they care about you and stop making excuses for him. Instead of defending him to your loved ones, it’s better to listen to their advice and end things for good. Don’t waste time trying to explain his behaviour or justify his actions. Just move on from the relationship and don’t look back, this is the best sign to recognize signs a man is using a woman for money.

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When you find out that your boyfriend is using you for money, the best thing to do is to break up with him. Don’t make excuses for him or defend his behavior to your loved ones. You have to be strong and not let his crocodile tears sway you. Remember, you know the signs that he’s in the relationship for the money, and it’s time to move on and find someone who deserves you.

Breaking up with a gold-digger boyfriend is the only way out of a toxic relationship. It’s not easy to accept this harsh reality, especially when you’re emotionally invested in him, but it’s better to face the truth than to live in denial or hope that he will change. You have to be honest with yourself and not overlook the signs that he’s using you for money. Try to remember these signs a man is using a woman for money, and get out from your toxic relationship.

Once you have decided to move on from this toxic connection, don’t confront him or try to get closure. It’s okay not to have all the answers for the breakup, and if he runs away or ghosts you. Just accept that you were in the wrong relationship with the wrong person. The important thing is to focus on yourself and find someone who will treat you better. Remember that you deserve to be with someone who loves you for who you are. Not for what you can give them.

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