8 Proven Signs Your Girlfriend likes Another Guy

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signs your girlfried likes another guy

So you want to know the signs your girlfriend likes another guy, well even the most devoted, reliable couples occasionally experience periods of uncertainty. It’s crucial to confirm your suspicions are founded before acting on them if you have concerns that your girlfriend may be harbouring feelings for someone else.

It’s entirely normal for one of you to develop feelings for someone else after a while in a relationship. However, there is a clear distinction between innocent crushes and cheating.

Paying attention to the indications and having honest conversations can help if you think your partner could be attract to someone else.

So here are some common signs from which you can recognize that if your girlfriend likes another guy or not.

They’ve started frequently talking about someone else

Your partner might be less concerned with keeping quiet about how much they talk about the person they’ve been crushing on if they are attract to someone else but haven’t pursued it. This is the most common signs your girlfriend likes another guy.

A relationship therapist and dating coach, tells Bustle that “they might be thinking about this other person so much, that they cannot help talking about [them] in front of you.” Although hearing them speak highly about this person may annoy you, it may be a sign that they don’t have as much to conceal. Ask them about it if it starts to concern you.

She’s spending more time away from you.

Any woman in a committed relationship desires to be with her partner, but if she develops feelings for another man, she will begin to spend more time away from you.

She will avoid you due to reasons related to her job, family, and friends. Every time you try to spend time with her, you’ll find her coming up with something.

She never has time for you because she is so busy.

Her Habits Have Changed in an Unusual Way

3rd signs your girlfriend likes another guy An unusual shift in routine may be a sign that your partner is experiencing internal struggle. Along with other clues, noticing new behaviours in your relationship may be an indication of a crush.

After dating someone for a long, you should be fairly familiar with their routine and everyday habits simply by spending time with them.

If you see a sudden change in how your girlfriend spends her time in addition to some of the other red flags in this article, you may have cause for anxiety. However, if you only notice the abrupt change on its own.

This is especially true if your girlfriend’s new schedule includes her partaking in activities that she previously avoided doing with you.

In the beginning of a new relationship, people are typically more likely to partake in social activities they dislike if doing so will please their new spouse.

She’s Giving You Less Romantic Attention

Being attracted to someone else is one of the many reasons why a spouse could stop paying romantic attention to you.

“People typically only have so much romantic energy in them,” Bennett says, “so if you notice your partner is giving you less romantic attention and seems to be directing their time and energy to another person or group of people (like spending a lot more time at work social events, for example), I’ll start to wonder if they’re having feelings for someone else.” If you believe your partner is not paying attention to you, discussing it with them or seeing a couples therapist may be beneficial.

She Becomes Secretive With Her Phone

Any topic, including her phone, will typically be discussed openly with her partner when a female is in a relationship.

But she’ll become more reclusive if she’s into another guy.

They will lock her phone, keep it hidden from you whenever you are nearby, or delete any evidence of contact with the other guy. She will go to tremendous measures to conceal this information since she doesn’t want to be discovered.

She Starts to Dress up Differently.

For both $exes, a sudden, significant change in someone’s appearance can indicate that another area of their lives has changed. This is the also most common signs your girlfriend likes another guy and you can see this changes daily whenever you go outside with her.

It can indicate that a person has recently gotten a new job, recently lost a loved one, or has lately become single.

Within the confines of a committed relationship, however, if someone adopts a significantly different “look” without warning and offers no justification or only implausible excuses, it may be a sign that she is attempting to alter herself in order to please a third party.

She Seems Distracted When You’re Together

However, if your girlfriend routinely cuts you off in conversation without warning or appears to be preoccupied when you’re together. It could imply that she no longer wants to spend time with you. because she would rather be with a different man. Also, whether she has altered the way she refers to other guys (e.g., using “he” rather than “they”). It might also imply that she is paying attention to someone in particular.

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She No Longer Cares About You

Every part of your life will hold a special place in the heart of a lady who is in love with you.

She’ll enquire after your well-being and show interest in what’s happening in your life.

She won’t care, though, if she starts to like another guy.

She doesn’t engage in conversation, express interest in learning about your day, or exhibit any sympathy or empathy.

That’s a big hint that she might be into someone else and isn’t thinking of you anymore, buddy.

How to find out if she’s seeing someone else

Signs your girlfriend likes another guy – If your relationship shows any of these signs. Before making any assumptions, it’s crucial to have an honest conversation with your partner about it. It might simply be a case of you two growing apart. But it can also imply that she’s start to feel something for someone else. In either case, being upfront with one another will assist guarantee that both parties are appreciate and heard throughout what a challenging dialogue can be.

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